The MEMORI project will provide the conservation market with innovative measurement technology, improved pollution effects knowledge and evaluation and control methods for the reduction of gaseous pollutant impact on movable cultural assets, - facilitating increased and safe use of protective enclosures for cultural heritage objects located indoors in new or renovated buildings, also to satisfy demands for energy saving to mitigate climate change.

MEMORI will develop a small novel portable instrument; the MEMORI dosimeter and reader. The MEMORI dosimeter including a reader will be produced based the Early Warning dosimeter for Organic materials (EWO) developed in the MASTER project (EVK4-CT-2002-00093) and the Glass Slide Dosimeter (GSD) developed in the AMECP project (EV5V-CT 92 -0144). The aim of the MEMORI technology is to provide the conservation market with an easy in situ measurement and online presentation of the degradation risk, caused by inorganic and organic pollutant gases.

MEMORI will do extensive laboratory and non-destructive field analysis of the impact of indoor environments on a range of organic materials for the assessment of the environmental quality for movable cultural assets, especially focusing on objects protected inside diverse types of enclosures.

MEMORI will perform diverse realistic experiments and studies of methods for mitigation of the pollution impact on cultural heritage objects in enclosures such as the use of; absorbing media of different types; pollution barrier films; low emitting construction materials, and anoxic conditions.

MEMORI seeks to achieve its goals by the engagement of SMEs that combine expertise in marketing and consulting of conservation equipment and services with practical conservation experience for the benefit of conservators and stakeholders, supporting their effort to assure optimal conservation conditions for their collections. 

Subprogramme Area: Non-destructive diagnosis technologies for the safe conservation of movable cultural assets
Contract type: SP1-Cooperation. Collaborative project.Small or medium-scale focused research project . FP7-ENV-201
Grant Agreement No. 265132
Duration: November 2010 - October 2013



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